amazonas-venezuela-p1With 180,000 square kilometers, it offers enormous biological diversity, great natural beauty, and cultures unique in all the world.

Majestic tropical jungles, grand and vast savannas, imposing mountains, tepuys , extensive rivers and impressive waterfalls; all these are found in this extraordinary region.

The Venezuelan Amazon possesses a remarkable display of animal diversity: 190 mammal species, 674 species of birds, 300 reptile species, and 25 known families of fish. The variety of exotic and exuberant plant life is equally remarkable – more than 5,000 botanical species. It forms a part of the South American Amazon, and as such is considered to be a biological reservoir of global importance, the region of the greatest biological diversity on the planet, where the quantity and variety of forest products is of incalculable benefit and commercial value.

The State of Amazonas is characterized by important cultural diversity as well. 15 ethnic groups are represented, each possessing its own culture, language, architecture, traditions, cave drawings, ethnic writings and folklores. Much of this is expressed through dance, native songs and music performed with distinctive wind and percussion instruments.