Only twenty minutes south from of Pto. Ayacucho, Sate of Amazonas, between Atures and Maipures rapids, right on the Orinoco waterfront you find our Camp.

Our Lodge is designed in the typical native style, it, is one of the most beautiful camps in Venezuela. The Lodge has 10 double rooms, each of them has its own bathroom, ceiling fan and mosquito net. The restaurant, the bar and the day room are situated at spacious rotunda with a beautiful and spectacular view of the Orinoco River.

To guarantee a pleasant stay we offer a package that includes transfers, accommodation, full board and excursions. Of course we fit it to your special interests.

We offers different excursions like birdwatching, boat tours on the Orinoco River, rafting, jungle hiking and visits to indigenous villages. We also offer longer tours to the Southren Amazon

CAURA LODGE Rainforest

Our Caura Lodge is situated 250 Km Southwest of Ciudad Bolívar, State of Bolívar; on the banks of  Caura river.

This Lodge is a picturesque refuge. You stay in one of our 6 double rooms, equipped with ceiling fan, mosquito net and private bathroom. If you like it more adventurous, you can sleep beneath palm covered Indian huts using hammocks and mosquito nets. A terrace with view of the Caura River, a bar and a day room make you stay even more comfortable. We offer a package that includes accommodation, full board, excursions and transfer from / to Ciudad Bolívar.

We offer excursions by boat on the Caura River (see description of Caura on “Ecotours”), jungle hikes and visits to Indian villages. The highlight is a three day excursion to the Para falls, an impressive and amazing natural spectacle (see description “Caura Tour”). The Caura region is famous among the birdwatchers for the huge variety of species birds.


The Ventuari River system is rich in tropical wildlife, including more 400 species of birds (we can give you the birds check list), monkeys, tapirs, cayman, freshwater dolphins and giant river otters. While rarely seen, the elusive Jaguar also inhabits this area, and your guide may be able to point out some tracks along the river´s edge.

Lurking in remote rivers, tributaries and hidden lagoons of South America´s Amazon and Orinoco regions, the legendary peacock bass unleashes explosive topwater strike and ferocious fighting power unequaled in the freshwater fishing world. In Venezuela this fish is Known as Pavon. But in any language, it is a great challenge for spinning, casting or fly-fishing.

From subsurface suspense to heartstopping topwater explosions, there´s rarely a dull moment on the Ventuari River. Tucked away in Venezuela´s Northern Amazon region, the Ventuari is a “multi – species” watershed with a tremendous variety of sportfish. It is one of the few accessible rivers that offers anglers the four major species of peacock bass: speckled, butterfly, peacock and royal pavon. Scrappy 5-8 pounders abound in the submerged rock gardens and hidden jungle lagoons, but be ready to battle that 15 – pound monster. After you´ve achieved your peacock “grand slam”, you can test your skill with Payara, Piranha, Sardinata or Giant Amazon Catfish.

Ventuari River Lodge is located in the best fishing zone of the river, and you can be casting within minutes of leaving camp. Skilled native guides pilot 16 – foot aluminium runabouts to a variety of prime fishing spots. These hardworking guides have been known to climb trees for stray lures, and even dive into water to retrieve a fish from cover.

The hillside Ventuari River Lodge exudes a lush tropical ambiance, with parrots, macaws, falcons, hawks and monkeys providing music of the rainforest. The cabins are very basic with a private bathroom, ceiling fan and an outdoor sitting veranda. The main dining area serves as a place to gather and swap fishing tales, while enjoying tasty Venezuelan cuisine. Ventuari River Lodge can accommodate up to a dozen anglers.

We offer different excursion like: Cerro Gavilán, a walk to a vantage point with view of the untouched rainforest and the

Ventuari – Indian village Arena Blanca, an original Piaroa village – La Laguna, excursion to a lagoon and a Macu indian village.

This region is excellent for Birdwatching. In dry season the Ventuari river and the nearby lagoons are perferct for fishing, specially the peacock bass.


You find our Posada in the colonial city center of Ciudad Bolívar, near the Orinoco promenade. From the upstairs rooms you have a fantastic view of the Orinoco and his only bridge. Ciudad Bolívar is the center of all tours to the south. How to get there: Daily flights from Caracas to Ciudad Bolívar and in about 10 minutes by Taxi or private Transfer to our Posada.

The two-storied colonial house is under reconstruction. 12 rooms and two suites are planned, all with aircondition, ceiling fan and private bathroom. On the first floor you will find a typical restaurant and on the roof a café with beautiful views of the Orinoco river.

To guarantee a pleasent stay we offer a package that includes accommodation and breakfast. Of course we fit it to your special interests.

A visit of the restaured colonial city center is worthwhile. Also a boat trip on the Orinoco river to the village Angostura is nice.
Ciudad Bolívar is the center of all tours to the south of Venezuela, p.e. Jeeptours to the Gran Sabana, Day tours to Kavac or Canaima, river tours to the Angelfall and tours to the Caura region. As these tours normally starts early in the morning, you have to arrive the day before.